Letter to Achilles


Letter to Achilles

Hold fast,
breathe deeply,
tend to your armor, o warrior.

Your heart and I
will likely pummel you with waves of emotions,
soak you in stormy moods,
chill you with ice storms of thoughtless words,
and no doubt already have.

Mother Nature will compete with me
as will the hands of fate,
conjuring weather and challenges that will call on you,
call on us,
to march into battle,
though sometimes wholly unprepared.

It is in the fighting,
the defending of the kingdom,
that you shall truly come to know me,
and to know yourself.

I know you’ve fought before,
so why fight again?
It is in your spirit to fight, to love,
and in doing so,
to live.

Enchantment has led you into battle,
but the choice to fight,
how to fight,
who to fight,
is your own.

I’m already on the field,
your Patroclus,
faithful with sword,
but more with heart.


About Marlen Harrison

Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison has been teaching language, communication, composition, literature and gender/sexuality studies at universities in Asia, Europe and North America since 1997.
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