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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison has been teaching language, communication, composition, literature and gender/sexuality studies at universities in Asia, Europe and North America since 1997.

A Writing Identity?

SO I think I have a pretty good idea as to who I am as an instructor, such that I would definitely say I’ve developed an instructor identity. While the majority of my research evolves around linguistic and sexual identities, … Continue reading

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Sapir-Whorf and Perceptions of English Language

Part 1, English Freedom It’s another presentation at a Saturday conference and this time we’re sitting in a circle discussing the negotiation of second language identities. I mention to the participants and fellow presenters that my dissertation will examine perceptions … Continue reading

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Give Mary Gods a Quid, Ya’All

“You sound like the operator,” I say through a large grin. “What?” “Like the operator…the woman in the phone!” My mother looks at me for a moment and then asks, “Whadduya mean?” “When you talk on the phone, you sound … Continue reading

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The Problem of Evidence

“The problem of evidence consists of the tasks of making this fact intelligible” (Garfinkle, p. 103).     While recently writing an autoethnography examining the semiotics of name in relation to experience, I consistently came across criticism of ethnographic research aimed … Continue reading

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What do we know about reading?

As usual, I’ll sabotage this question and turn it around a bit to reflect what I thought I knew about reading and to examine some of Smith’s ideas that I found most interesting. As has been my recent mode, while … Continue reading

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The Ring of the Text

What is a text and where is it located?   “The reading of any work of literature is, of necessity, an individual and unique occurrence involving the mind and emotions of a particular reader.”   For at least 20 years … Continue reading

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Letter to Achilles

Letter to Achilles Hold fast, breathe deeply, tend to your armor, o warrior. Your heart and I will likely pummel you with waves of emotions, soak you in stormy moods, chill you with ice storms of thoughtless words, and no … Continue reading

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