Marlen Elliot Harrison, MA
email: m dot e dot harrison at iup dot edu

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To utilize my background in psychology and counseling, and my experiences in English language, literature, and composition classrooms. Areas of interest include: Language, sexuality, and identity; TESOL; Perception and composition; blog as genre; monomythic literature; queer theory.


EDUCATION – My educational background reflects my interest in language, writing, teaching, and psychology.
2006 – Present DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Candidate

  • English Composition and TESOL
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana City, Pennsylvania
  • Dissertation: Discovering Voices, Discovering Selves: The roles of English language and inter-cultural interactions in Japanese queer sexualities
  • Dissertation Chair: Dr. Nancy Hayward
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant: English 101, Freshman Composition (ESL); English 202, Research Writing (ESL)
  • Board Member of EGO, English Graduate Organization
  • Academic Fellowship and Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Editor of departmental newsletter
  • Developed and facilitated Reflective Practice group for Graduate Studies in Composition & TESOL
  • Independently designed, developed, and oversaw departmental community website and online forum (Composition-TESOL.info )

1996 – 1997 MASTER OF ARTS

  • Education and Human Development
  • The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • Emphasis of study: Community Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapies
  • Masters internship in Counseling at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant: Counseling/Interviewing Skills
  • Member of Chi Sigma Iota International Counseling Honor Society
  • Academic Excellence Fellowship
  • Specialization in Art Therapy, Addictions Counseling, Group Therapy, and Psychodrama


  • Honors Program in Psychology
  • Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
  • Completed undergraduate thesis in psychological counseling and field work in adult and adolescent psychiatric programs
  • Member of Psi Chi International Psychology Honor Society
  • Graduated Summa cum Laude
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Graduate of the University Honors Program and the Honors Program in Psychology

1994 – 1995 INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION (year abroad)

  • Kingston University, Kingston-upon Thames, Surrey, England
  • Emphasis of study: Psychology of Freud and Jung; Asian influences on Western psychology.
UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE – My university teaching experience highlights my interest in composition, language, and TESOL. Interests reflected include video and internet technology in the classroom;  creative, collaborative, and performance-based approaches to learning; and an emphasis on learner autonomy.

2007 – Present INSTRUCTOR (Full-time)

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Department of English
  • English 100 (Basic Writing), English 101 (Freshman Composition), English 121 (Humanities Literature), English 202 (Research Writing)
  • Developed interdisciplinary, community-based approaches to writing and research using phenomenological inquiry, blogs & internet, and project-based learning.
  • Participated in University Reflective Practice programs.
  • Member of the University GLBT Faculty Commission
  • Independently developed and implemented a website to enhance student learning (MarlenHarrison.com)

2007 – Present LANGUAGE TUTOR (Part-time)

  • American Language Institute, IUP
  • Individual and small-group English-language instruction with international students studying at IUP.
  • Focus on second-language writing, TOEFL preparation, and basic skills instruction for beginners.


  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in English 101 and 202 ESL writing courses with international students.
  • Introduced use of blogs in the composition classroom.

2002 – 2006 INSTRUCTOR (Full-time)

  • St. Andrews (Momoyama Gakuin) University, Osaka, Japan
  • Developed and implemented original interdisciplinary curriculum for a variety of English language classes including reading, writing and oral communication.
  • Contributed to the development of an English textbook – Here and Now – for use by 1st year non-English majors.
  • Developed interactive website for language learning (using Moodle).
  • Contributed to the creation of common exams for 1st year non-English majors.
  • Received university research grant as co-researcher examining curriculum development.

2003 – 2006 INSTRUCTOR (Part-time)

  • Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Created innovative project-based learning using drama, role-play and video for non-English majors.
  • Curricula developed include: Understanding and performing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; Interviewing Skills; Introduction to English-Speaking Cultures; Re-creating the Academy Awards.

2003 – 2004 INSTRUCTOR (Part-time)

  • Doshisha Women’s College, Kyoto, Japan
  • Developed original English language curriculum for Departments of Social Welfare, and English Literature and Language focusing on small group learning.
  • Curricula developed include: Collaborative Conversational approach; Gender and Language.


  • The George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • Facilitated both small and large groups of graduate level (Master of Arts) Counseling students for the Introduction to Counseling/Interviewing Skills course. This course focused on the relationship between client and therapist and taught students how to evaluate and respond to their clients’ needs.
  • Independently created and implemented curriculum on multicultural counseling skills.
OTHER TEACHING EXPERIENCE – In addition to college-age students, I have also worked with young children, teens, and mature learners in a variety of settings.

 2007 ESL INSTRUCTOR (Commissioned Appointment)

  • Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Developed creative approach to private instruction with advanced-level adolescent student from Spain.


  • Tezukayama Girls Junior High School, Osaka, Japan
  • English intensive 2-day program in preparation for international travel.

2003-2006 INSTRUCTOR

  • Osaka International School, Osaka, Japan
  • Special Programs Music/English instructor with children ages 4-12.


  • Momoyama High School, Osaka, Japan
  • Taught self-created multidisciplinary English curriculum including video and internet.


  • The Nova Group, Osaka, Japan
  • Assistant Trainer: Supervised a team of six international teachers. Evaluated teachers, created alternative curricula, counseled students and ensured quality education.
  • Responsible for increase in student enrollment and increase in participation in special programs.
  • Instructor: Taught both pre-planned and original multi-level English language curriculum and TOEIC/ TOEFL preparation to students (ages 3 to 80). Created innovative lessons using music and art to aid self-expression and application of language skills. Created and implemented skills assessment tool for use by instructors to monitor student progress.
  • Kids Coordinator: Supervised a team of four international teachers who taught in the Nova Kids program (40 active students ages 3 to 12 enrolled in 10 different classes). Assisted in the training and evaluation of instructors and acted as administrator of the program.
ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE – My previous employment experience reflects my passion for the social sciences and helping professions.

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania Office of Public Relations


  • The Law Firm of Arnold and Porter, Washington, DC


  • The North Baltimore Center, Child and Adolescent Services, Baltimore, MD


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, Department of Surgery, Baltimore, MD


  • The North Baltimore Center, Adult and Group Therapy Services, Baltimore, MD

1996-1997 PSYCHOTHERAPIST (Masters internship)

  • The George Washington University Community Counseling Center, Washington, DC

1996 PSYCHOTHERAPIST (Masters internship)

  • The PRIDE Institute at The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS & LEADERSHIP – I participate in a wide array of activities as a member of university and professional organizations.
  • Co-Editor, EAPSU 2007 Conference Proceedings, 2007
  • Reading Committee, EAPSU 2007 Conference Proceedings, 2007
  • Secretary, EAPSU, 2007 –
  • Website Designer/Webmaster, English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities (EAPSU), 2007 –
  • Reading Committee, Manuscripts for World of Writers, undergraduate English publication, IUP, 2007 –
  • Website Designer/Webmaster, IUP Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL (Composition-TESOL.info ), 2007 –
  • Facilitator, Graduate Studies in Composition & TESOL Reflective Practice / Writing Group, 2007 –
  • Technology Coordinator, Three Rivers TESOL Annual Conference, 2007
  • Editor, IUP Composition & TESOL Newsletter, 2006 –
  • Workshop Coordinator, English Graduate Organization, IUP, 2006 – 2007
  • Editor, LD-Wired Newsletter (JALT Learner Development Special Interest Group), 2006
  • Proofreader, Learning Learning (JALT Learner Development Special Interest Group), 2005
  • Reading Committee, Manuscripts for Proceedings, JALT National Conference Proceedings, 2006
  • Reading Committee, Manuscripts for Glocalization, T. Guttierez (Ed). Tokyo: Japan. 2006
  • Forum Facilitator, Learner Development Forum: Sharing our stories, at the JALT National Conference, Shizuoka, Japan, 2005
  • *Conference Coordinator & Facilitator, LD/Osaka 2nd Annual Mini-Conference, July 17th, 2005 (*Recipient of 2006 Best of JALT award)
  • Reading Committee, Presentation proposals, JALT National Conference, 2005
  • Reading Committee, Manuscripts for Proceedings, JALT National Conference Proceedings, 2005
  • Co-Coordinator, JALT* Learner Development Special Interest Group, 2004 – 2006
  • Treasurer, JALT Osaka Chapter, 2003 – 2005
PRESENTATIONS & GUEST LECTURES – I especially enjoy presenting workshops and original research because it offers a chance to meet new people, reflect on and share ideas, and learn from others.


  1. March: American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL): The Closet in the Classroom: The positioning of queer identities in TESOL materials and practices (accepted)
  2. January: IUP English Department Colloquium: Communities of Practice, Internet, & the Language Classroom; An Introduction to Blogging


  1. November: IUP, EGO: Communities of Practice, Internet, & the Language Classroom; An Introduction to Blogging
  2. October: Celebrating Literacies Conference (IUP Department of English): Romeo and Juliet Live: Performance-based instruction in the high school English classroom.
  3. October: English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities (EAPSU): “And the winner is…”: Performance as Project-Based Learning in the Language Classroom, a How-to Guide
  4. October: Department of Linguistics at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada: Linguistic Research and Gay Speech: Performance and perception (by invitation)
  5. September: Three Rivers TESOL Conference: The Positioning of Sexual Identities in the TESOL Classroom
  6. September: Three Rivers TESOL Conference: The Performance of Second-Language Identities: A panel discussion
  7. April: Nara chapter of JALT: Communities of Practice, Internet, & the Language Classroom; An Introduction to Blogging
  8. March: Sniffapalooza Fragrance Festival, New York City: Fragrance and Identity
  9. February: Sniffapalooza Fragrance Festival, Los Angeles: Fragrance and Identity


  1. November: IUP, EGO: Using blogs in the EFL/ESL classroom
  2. October: Three Rivers TESOL 2006 Conference: Brainstorming Blogging: Using blogs in language and writing courses
  3. October: Sniffapalooza Fragrance Festival: The Power of Criticism in Emerging Internet Communities


  1. October: JALT National Conference: Using Impressionist Images to Practice Self-Expression
  2. October: JALT National Conference: Learner Development Forum: Sharing our stories of creativity (Facilitator)
  3. August: EuroCALL Conference: Keypal Projects in the Japanese EFL Classroom: How keypal friendship affects learner development
  4. July: JALT Learner Development Mini-Conference: Emphasizing Student Autonomy through Collaborative Test Creation
  5. June: JALT Osaka Chapter Technology in the Classroom Mini-Conference: Using SurveyMonkey.com to create On-line Questionnaires
  6. June: JALT CALL National Conference: Keypal projects in the English Classroom: What students really think
  7. May: JALT Nara Chapter: Counseling Skills Every Teacher Should Know


  1. November: JALT National Conference: Curriculum: What do teachers do and what do students think of it?
  2. October: JALT Learner Development Mini-Conference: Keypal Projects in English Classes: Interpersonal and pedagogical aspects
  3. August: EuroCALL Conference: Keypal Projects in English Classes: Interpersonal and pedagogical aspects
  4. January: Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Sciences: Guest Speaker, Similarities between Japanese and American Modes of Communication


  1. October: JALT LD/CUE Learner Autonomy Conference: Self-evaluation as Motivation for Active Participation
  2. February: Ibaraki International Learning Association: Guest Speaker
PUBLICATIONS IN PRINT – The majority of my publications address my interest in social-constructivist and creative/collaborative approaches to second language learning as well as teacher development and autonomy.

Vetted Publications:

  1. Harrison, M. (2006). Monet, Renoir, and Tomoko Too: Activities using Impressionist artwork to aid self-expression. The Language Teacher 30(10), 5-6.
  2. Harrison, M. (2006). Using Impressionist Images to Practice Self-Expression. In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi, & M. Swanson (Eds.) JALT2005 Conference Proceedings. (pp. 694-700). Tokyo: JALT.
  3. Harrison, M. (2006). Developing Keypal Projects in the Japanese University Classroom. National University of Singapore: Reflections on English Language Teaching 4(2005), 141-148.
  4. Harrison, M. (2006). Keypal projects in English language classes: What do students really think? In T. Gutierrez (Eds.), Glocalization Through CALL: Bringing People Together (The proceedings of JALTCALL 2005) (pp. 94-99). Nagoya: The JALT CALL SIG.
  5. Harrison, M., Kitao, K. (2005) Keypal friendships and their influences on learner development. In Nozawa, K. & Levy, M. (Eds). CALL-EJ 7(1). http://www.tell.is.ritsumei.ac.jp/callejonline/journal/7-1/Harrison-Kitao.html
  6. Harrison, M., Head, E., Haugh, D., & Sanderson, R. (2005). Self-evaluation as motivation for active participation. In McCasland, P. & Robertson, M. (Eds.) Learner Development Context, Curricula, Content: Proceedings of the Kobe Conference 2003. (pp. 107-121).College and University Educators and Learner Development SIGs of JALT.
  7. Carroll, M., Douglas, L., Harrison, M., & Tsurii, C. (2005). Curriculum: What do teachers do and what do students think of it? In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi, & M. Swanson (Eds.) JALT2004 Conference Proceedings. (pp. 262-298). Tokyo: JALT.

Other Publications:

  1. Harrison, M., Carpenter, C., et al. (2006). Learner Development Forum: Sharing our stories of creativity. In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi, & M. Swanson (Eds.) JALT2005 Conference Proceedings. (pp. 252-263).Tokyo: JALT.
  2. Decker, W., Harrison, M., & Romney, C. (2006). Multi-Purpose “Student Sheets” for Rapport-building, Teaching Classroom English, and Record-keeping. The Language Teacher 30(2), 51.
  3. Harrison, M., Matheny, W. (2006) An E-mail dialogue with Marlen Harrison: Counseling skills every teacher should know. The School House 13(3), 15-23.
  4. Harrison, M. (2005). The Impressionists: Monet, Renoir and Tomoko too! On CUE, 13(2), 47-49.
  5. Harrison, M. (2005). Sharing our Stories. Learning Learning 12(2), 14.
  6. Harrison, M., Vye, S., Caspino, B., Fellner, T. & Carpenter, C. (2005). Inspiration and Therapy: The power of a mini-conference. Learning Learning12(2), 3-11.
  7. Harrison, M. (2005). JALT’s LD SIG: Teachers as learners in Japan. Three Rivers TESOL Newsletter. 2005 (Summer), 3-4.
  8. Apple, M., Harrison, M., Haugh, D., Evans Nachi, H., Stephenson, J., Wakui, Y. (2005) A Day Celebrating Learner development: Poster session reflections. Learning Learning 12 (1), 7-20.
  9. Evans Nachi, H.E., Stephenson, J., et al. (2005). Learner Development Forum: Empowering Learners for Class and Beyond. In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi, & M. Swanson (Eds.) JALT2004 Conference Proceedings. (pp. 372-386). Tokyo: JALT.
  10. Carroll, M., Douglas , L., Harrison , M., Tsurii, C. (2004). Curriculum Change: Working with teacher’s professional knowledge rather than against it. St. Andrew’s University Bulletin of the Research Institute 30(1), 69-87.


  1. Carroll, M., Douglas , L., Harrison , M., Head, E. (2003, 2004). English Here and Now. St. Andrews (Momoyama Gakuin) University Press: Japan.

Book Reviews:

  1. Harrison, M. (2006). Book Review: This is culture. The Language Teacher 30(5), 42.
  2. Harrison, M. (2006). Book Review: A dynamic approach to everyday idioms. The Language Teacher 30(1), 33.

Book Chapters:

  1. Harrison, M. (2006). Taking the Teacher Out of the Test: Minimizing teacher participation in language testing. In M. Koyama & E. Skier (Eds.) More Autonomy You Ask. (pp. 137-146). Japan: JALT LD.
INTERNET PUBLICATIONS – I love to write and am especially interested in linguistic expressions of sensory exprience. I have developed my own website and have written for a number of others.
Creator, Writer, Interviewer, Editor – PerfumeCritic:

  • http://perfumecritic.com
  • Fragrance website, 2006 –
  • As mentioned in The New York Times, Forbes.com, El Pais, Brigitte, and Perfumer & Flavorist

Monthly Columnist, Interviewer – Basenotes:

Writer – NowSmellThis:

Writer – BeautyAddictMag:

Writer – ESL-Lesson-Plan:

Writer, Interviewer – The Washington Blade, Arts Section


  • IUP Foundation Academic Fellowship (PhD), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2007 -2008
  • Travel Grant, 2006, from IUP (PhD) to speak at Nara JALT, Japan
  • “BEST OF JALT” Winner, 2006, for the 2005 Learner Development Mini-Conference presentation in Osaka, Japan: Emphasizing Student Autonomy through Collaborative Test Creation
  • Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL Scholarship (PhD), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2006-2007
  • Graduate Student Assistantship (PhD), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2006 -2007
  • IUP Foundation Academic Fellowship (PhD), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2006 -2007
  • Research Grant, St. Andrews (Momoyama Gakuin) University, 2004
  • Chi Sigma Iota, International Counseling Honor Society, 1996-1997
  • Academic Excellence Fellowship (MA), The George Washington University, 1996-1997
  • Psi Chi, International Psychology Honor Society, 1993-1995
  • Academic Scholarship (BS), Appalachian State University, 1992-1995
VOLUNTEER SERVICES – I have volunteered my time to various oranizations almost continuously since 1995.
  • GLBT Faculty Commission, IUP, 2007-
  • English Graduate Organization (EGO), IUP, 2006-2007
  • Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), 2002-2006
  • Washington Council of Lawyers, 2000
  • Gay Men’s Counseling Collective of Metropolitan DC – 1996

SKILLS – In addition to teaching, I also enjoy languages and the performing arts

  • Intermediate Proficiency: Japanese (oral), French (reading), Spanish (reading, oral, written)
  • Piano and Music Instructor
  • Internet/Computer Technology: WordPress, Blogger, Web Design & HTML, Joomla, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Office, Moodle, SurveyMonkey
  • Painting (Acrylic Medium)
  • Composer, Pianist, and Vocalist
UNIVERSITY COURSES TAUGHT – I have taught using both English as well as Japanese languages in both the United States (3 years) and Japan (4 years).


  • Oral Communication (English)
  • Speaking & Listening (English)
  • Advanced Writing Seminar (English)
  • English Writing for English Majors
  • English Reading for English Majors
  • Introduction to English for Non-English Majors for Freshman (IB & IIB); for Sophomores (IIIB & IVB); for students who failed one of the above courses (R)
  • Introduction to English-Speaking Cultures
  • English Workshop (Self-designed project-based learning curricula included “We Will Rock You – The Grammy Awards”; “And the Oscar Goes To – The Academy Awards”)
  • English Topics (Self-designed curricula included Interviewing Skills; Introduction to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet)
  • English Studies for 2nd year English Majors
  • English for Study Abroad Purposes
  • Small Group Communication (English)


  • English 100 – Basic Writing
  • English 101 – Freshman Composition
  • English 121 – Humanities Literature
  • English 101 – Freshman Composition for ESL Students (Graduate Assistant)
  • English 202 – Research Writing for ESL Students (Graduate Assistant)
  • English 202 – Research Writing
  • Counseling Interviewing Skills (Graduate Assistant)

*JALT – Japan Association for Language Teaching


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